About United Asia
UNITED ASIA (UA) is an autonomous organization with MOU partners and representatives spread across the globe. The promoters are professionals from varied fields of Business, Technology and Law. Our role is to provide the comprehensive guidance and support to gainfully establish business ties among INDIA, CHINA, TAIWAN, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, RUSSIA, THAILAND, NEW ZEALAND and other countries.

Our objective is to promote trade & investment between India and other countries.

Our Partners
United Asia caters services to various constituents comprising multinational companies, top corporate, medium and small scale units representing and striving hard to create a conducive environment for the businesses to compete globally. It assists manufacturers to maximize competitiveness on the domestic and international markets.
What we do
To set up Mutual Trade Alliance. We are now inviting companies and Business Associations to join hands in creating a prosperous trade platform with sufficient qualified products providers, and a new trading mode of group purchase and large-scale purchase which could help solve the trade barriers and problems during International trade.
Product Lists
Agriculture, Air Purifiers, Amusement Park Equipments, Automobile Air conditioning & Control Panels Electronic Throtal Padels, Automobile parts, Bakery items manfufacturer, Baskets/Trolleys/Shelves for Supermarket, Car Accessories, Cables, Ceramic Tiles and many more.