Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • To assist trade, businesses and manufacturers in development of domestic and international markets
  • To collaborate with Government and industry to promote business, trade, manufacturing, communications
  • To provide consultations, advice guidance and information for business alliances, trade promotion
  • To develop an effective platform for attracting major buyers and sellers face to face in various trade shows and delegations, conferences and forming partnerships with various overseas organizations and enhancing a synergistic effect through convergence and related industries giving opportunities and access to members to the newest technologies and Industry Information.
  • Leading Different industries and focusing energies on issues and opportunities.
  • Responding to members needs and requirements and providing them significant competitive advantage.
  • Ensuring quality performance and achievement of results through case studies.
  • Embracing change and innovation.


  • To be one of India's most valuable association, creating growing value for the Indian economy.