Our Objective

To set up Mutual Trade Alliance. We are now inviting companies and Business Associations to join hands in creating a prosperous trade platform with sufficient qualified products providers, and a new trading mode of group purchase and large-scale purchase which could help solve the trade barriers and problems during International trade.

  • Work together to set one online exhibition platform
  • Investigate and review enterprises for their credibility, reputation and products quality and price, in order to select those qualified enterprises which could also be admitted by the other member countries as designated enterprises for our platform besides your own. One country is supposed to designate qualified enterprises and
  • Organize buyers and sellers among the designated enterprises in group and in large scale.
  • Organize exhibitions and product introduction meetings together.
  • Hold barter meetings together for unsold stock.
  • Establish jointly the exhibition centre for Member companies and associations: The exhibition centre will serve as a window of displaying products and a place of group purchase as well as a centre for both domestic and abroad government purchase. Furthermore, the travel agencies served for the trade activities will also become purchase centres.